Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about scholarships from the Lundberg Foundation. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, you can look for answers in the other sections of this website. Otherwise, send your question to us by e-mail. We regularly update this page with new FAQs.

About the grants

The Foundation supports research projects that extend over a period from one up to three years.
The grant is only paid for the time the research project is being conducted and therefore ceases if the work stops due to parental leave or an extended period of illness. You should apply to the Foundation for an extension by e-mail as soon as possible. Postponements in the Payment Plan and your obligations under the Reporting Plan are agreed separately. When the time is approaching to resume work on the research project, you should contact the administration in good time to ensure that payments start again at the right time.
A guideline for grants awarded is three million SEK for a three-year project.

Who can apply?

Grants may be awarded to senior researchers as well as doctoral students engaged in clearly defined research efforts within the Foundation’s main areas. Professor salary is not funded in the project grant.
No. Applications of this kind will not be processed. However, projects that involve research into production and product development processes are relevant to the Foundation.


No. The Foundation has only one application period per year and it is only possible to apply after the Foundation has advertised the grants and the online application system is open for applications. The application period is from January 1 to late January. The application form can be opened and viewed as an exercise application before the start of the application period, but you will not be able to save changes to the form until after the turn of the year. For exact dates and other instructions, please see the APPLICATION page.
No. As of the 2017 application year, advertised in December 2016, we are using an online application system with online forms accessed via this website. No documents should be sent to the Foundation in paper form. The Foundation now only accepts applications via this online system. Applications in any other form will not be processed.
No. You can work on the application in as many sessions as you like and save it as you go before submitting it.
Yes, that’s fine. It may be useful to work on the text locally on your computer and then paste the final result into the form. Otherwise, a disruption to your Internet connection might lead to the text in the application form being lost if you have not saved your application recently. Please note that most of the fields in the form have character limits, so if your text is too long, the form can’t be submitted before adjustment. Also control that formatting in your text such as bold and italics does not disappear once you paste it into the form fields.
No. Images and the like may be appended to the project outline/description in the application in PDF format.
Yes. Up until the last day for applications, your application can be changed and resubmitted.
Applicants may choose to write their applications in Swedish or English.
The Foundation holds its meeting in mid-April. Notifications go out to applicants via e-mail shortly thereafter.
The first payment will be made at the earliest on roughly May 25. For this to be possible, you must have submitted a confirmation letter signed by the principal applicant and head of department, approved the Payment and Reporting Plans and provided bank account details. All of this is done via the online application system.

Reporting to the foundation

Approximately once a year, you are required to submit a Progress Report. At the end of the research project, you are required to submit a Final Report. Exact times are given in the Reporting plan.If you were granted a grant in 2016 or earlier, you are to submit this report in writing by post and by e-mail not later than at the end of the reporting month specified in your agreed Reporting Plan. For more information, see the page FOR GRANT HOLDERS.

If you have been granted a grant for 2017 or later years, you must submit your reports through the online application system. You can view your agreed Reporting Plan after logging in to the online application system. A short time before you are due to submit your report, a reminder will be sent to you by e-mail. For more information, see the page FOR GRANT HOLDERS.