For grant recipiants

This page contains important information for recipients of grants and what a grant from the Lars Erik Lundberg Foundation for Research and Education means.

Confirmation of grant

If you are informed in April via e-mail that you have received grant, the Foundation will need a few more details from you so that payments can be made.

Log in to your account in the online application system, via the button below, and approve the draft Payment Plan and Reporting Plan that have been set up for you there. These draft plans are based on the start and end dates of the project specified in your application.

If changes need to be made to your Payment Plan or Reporting Plan, notify the administrator by e-mail and ask for a revised plan.

Specify the bank account details for payment of the grant in the relevant fields in the online application system.

Print out the confirmation letter, which also shows the approved Payment and Reporting Plans. Sign the letter where indicated.

Scan the signed confirmation letter as a PDF file and upload the file to your account in the online application system.

Once this has been done, the grant and Payment Plan will be activated.

Reporting to the foundation

The Foundation reserves the right to full disclosure and information about the work of the research team. Projects are followed up in part by requesting a report twice per year, according to the agreed Reporting Plan. Every six months, the grant recipient is to submit a PROGRESS REPORT. At the end of the research project, a FINAL REPORT must be submitted. After the final report has been approved by the reviewers, the Foundation pays the final 10% of the grant.

This report is to have reached the Foundation not later than the last day of the reporting month according to the Reporting Plan.

Reporting in Researchweb

You are to submit your reports via your account in the online application system, using the forms for the Progress Report and the Final Report. An automatic reminder will be sent to you 30 days before the last reporting date.

Open the form for PROGRESS REPORT or FINAL REPORT. It is important that you choose the right form, depending on the type of report you are going to submit according to your schedule.

Fill in the form and attach PDF files according to the instructions on the form and below.

The Progress Report is to consist of:

-A concentrated description of the purpose, the research questions, the theoretical platform used, the chosen empirical data and the chosen methods.

-A description of the work completed.

-A description of what remains to be done.

-A description of the significant changes that may have taken place in the project in relation to the original application.

This should be a maximum of two A4 pages (with standard margins, line spacing 1.5 and font size 12).

The Final Report is to consist of:

-A summary description of the entire work carried out.

-The main results / conclusions.

-The contributions (empirical and theoretical) must be related to the current knowledge in the research area.

-All (more important) public presentations of the project must be presented, as well as intended / planned and actual publications.

This should be five to ten A4 pages (with standard margins, line spacing 1.5 and font size 12).

The Final Report form includes two fields reserved for a brief, accessible summary of the results achieved, in Swedish and in English. This summary serves as an important mini-report on the project and it should be possible to publish it directly on our website. It must be possible to read this summary in isolation, and consequently no references may be made to the Progress Report or Final Report and its annexes.

The summary (Swedish + English) must be a maximum of 1750 characters each, including spaces.

You can save a report form and continue with it at a later time. However, once the report has been submitted to the Foundation, it cannot be changed.

To access the report form, use the button below and log in to your account.

Other information

What is a Lundberg grant?

Research grants from the Lars Erik Lundberg Foundation for Research and Education go to universities, schools of economics and business administration and universities of technology in Sweden. Grants are to refer to clearly defined research projects.

Grants are applied for for the entire project period extending over one to three years, or four years för “Lars Erik Lundbergs Phd program”. The grants is paid out twice per year according to an agreed Payment Plan. 10% of the total grant is paid after the Final Report for the project is submitted to the Foundation and has been approved by the Expert Committee.

Deferral and adjustment of Payment Plan and Reporting Plan

If there is reason to interrupt the research project for a limited period, for example, due to parental leave or illness, it is possible to apply to the Foundation’s administration for a deferral of the grant. The administration should be informed as soon as such a circumstance is known. Postponements in the Payment Plan and your obligations under the Reporting Plan are agreed separately. When the time is approaching to resume work on the research project, you should contact the administration in good time to ensure that your payments begin again at the right time.