Organization and contacts

The Foundation’s registration details Name: Lars Erik Lundbergs Stiftelse för Forsknings och utbildning (Lars Erik Lundberg Foundation for Research and Education). Corp. reg. No.: 802402-3130. Registered office: Stockholm.


The Foundation’s organization consists of the Board and its Expert Committee of expert members, and the administration. The contact details of these functions are listed below.

Board of Directors

The Foundation is managed and represented by a Board of Directors with its registered office in Stockholm. The Board currently consists of seven members:

Katarina Martinson
BSc in Business Administration
L E Lundbergföretagen AB

Eva Hamrén-Larsson
BSc in Business Administration

Marcus Lindahl
Uppsala University

Kristina Palm
Associate Professor
Royal Institute of Technology

Sven-Erik Sjöstrand
Stockholm School of Economics

Ivo Zander
Uppsala University

Sten Peterson
Förvaltnings AB Lunden

Contact details for the Expert Committee

The Board has an Expert Committee whose tasks include:

  • Maintaining contact with higher education institutions concerning current projects/projects of interest.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the applications submitted.
  • Selecting the projects to be given the opportunity to proceed to step 2 of the application process.
  • Proposing to the Board of Directors which projects should be given grants.
  • Maintaining regular contact with the projects and reviewing scientific reports.
  • Approving final reports before final payment.

Professor Marcus Lindahl
Expert member
Uppsala University
Deparment of Engineering Sciences
Box 534
751 21 Uppsala

Phone: 070-167 92 43

PhD Kristina Palm
Expert member
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Dept of Sustainable Production Development
151 81 Södertälje

Phone: 073-460 74 72

Professor Sven-Erik Sjöstrand
Chairman among the expert members
Stockholm School of Economics
Box 6501
113 83 Stockholm

Phone: 08-736 94 81

Professor Ivo Zander
Expert member
Uppsala University
Department of Business Studies
Box 513
751 20 Uppsala

Phone: 070-962 65 97

Finance and administration

The administration’s task includes:

  • Finances/accounting and asset management.
  • Managing the website and online application system.
  • Processing applications and reports from applicants and grant recipients for forwarding to the Expert Committee.
  • Managing payment and reporting plans for current grant recipients.

Marie Billing
Phone: +46 8-463 06 00

Teresa Gyllensvärd
Accountant, Administrator, Secretary of the Board of Directors
Phone: +46 11-21 65 00

Sten Peterson
Executive member
Phone: +46 11-21 65 00