At a meeting in April 2018, the Lars Erik Lundberg Foundation for Research and Education approved research grants totaling SEK 4 726 039 for the following projects:

Professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Universitet of Uppsala, Campus Gotland Business Economy, for the project ”Dröm & Entreprenörskap: Drömmeriets roll i ekonomisk handling. A total amount of SEK 3 100 000 was granted, distributed during four years.

Doctor of Economics Jing Xiao, University of Lund, CIRCLE, for the project”Hunting high-quality human capital through acquiring technology ventures? A study of corporate recruitment through acquisitions”. A total amount of SEK 1 626 039 was granted, distributed during three years.


Continued funding for 2018, for previously approved projects: 

Doctor of Technology Camilla Niss, University of Gävle, Department of Technology and Built Environment, for the project “Leverantör 4.0.  Innovativa Leverantörer I den fjärde industriella revolutionen”. Approved  amount:  SEK 1 139 397.

Doctor of Economics Claudio Fasso, University of Lund, CIRCLE, for the project “Leaving the Multinational: what is the impact of the mobility of human capital from multinational enterprises to entrepreneurship and small and medium business in Sweden?” Approved amount: SEK 862 524.

Doctor of Technology Thomas Lennerfors, Uppsala University, Division of Industrial Engineering and Management, for the project “Maritim innovation för den svenska skogsindustrin”. Approved amount: SEK 82 000.

PhD Gundula Lücke, Uppsala University, Department of Business Studies, for the project “Oppportunity recognition in Swedish multinational corporations”. Approved amount: SEK 754 000.

PhD Åse Linné, Uppsala University, Division of Industrial Engineering and Management, for the project “The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Swedish construction sector”. Approved amount: SEK 307 000.