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Lars Erik Lundberg Scholarship Foundation

The Lars Erik Lundberg Scholarship Foundation aims to help more students to have the opportunity to do research and achieve doctorates, or conduct postdoctoral work, in the area of the built environment, which includes architecture, building technology, urban planning, housing and property management.

The aims of the Foundation are partly furthered by means of personal, taxfree, monthly scholarships to young postgraduate students at Sweden’s universities and institutes of technology who lack employment or other funding for their living expenses.

The foundation refers to The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100, Chapter 5, Section 4), where the possibility for a doctoral student to receive a scholarship is regulated.

A full-year scholarship for doctoral students currently amounts to to SEK 336,000, which means SEK 28,000 a month.

The aims of the Foundation are also furthered by personal, taxfree scholarships to doctoral researchers who wish to do a postdoctoral work, but have not received an employment as a post doctor or receive other funding for this.

A full-year scholarship for postdoc currently amounts to to SEK 384,000, devided in two payments during the year, which corresponds to SEK 32,000 per month.

The Foundation grants around a total of ten to fifteen scholarships every year.

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