For scholarship holders – Phd studies

This page contains important information about what applies for those granted a scholarship as a Phd student and what a scholarship from the Lars Erik Lundberg Scholarship Foundation means.

Confirmation of scholarship

If you are informed in April via e-mail that you have been granted a scholarship, the Foundation will need a few more details from you so that payments can be made.

Log in to your account in the online application system, via the button below. Follow the link “Your application for a scholarship has been granted, click here to proceed”.

Control the the draft Payment Plan and Reporting Plan that have been set up for you there. They can be viewed in the confirmation letter. These draft plans are based on the start and end dates of the scholarship year specified in your application. Make sure that you will be formally accepted as a doctoral student at the higher education institution where you intend to complete your postgraduate studies, before you begin your doctoral project.

If changes need to be made to your Payment Plan or Reporting Plan, notify the administrator by e-mail and ask for a revised plan. Note that the scholarship may begin to be lifted no earlier than May of the year in wich the application was submitted and granted and at the latest begin in April next year. If project start is planned or postponed until later than April next year, the scholarship expires and instead a new application will be required during the next year’s application period; January/February of the following year.

Enter the details of the bank account where you want your scholarship payments to be deposited in the relevant fields in the online application system.

Print out the confirmation letter, which also shows the approved Payment Plan and Reporting Plan. Sign the letter where indicated.

You must also get your supervisor to sign the letter where indicated. By signing this letter, your supervisor guarantees that you have been formally accepted as a doctoral student when your scholarship is activated.

Scan the signed confirmation letter as a PDF file and upload the file to your account in the online application system.

Once this has been done, your scholarship and Payment Plan will be activated.

Reporting to the foundation

The Foundation reserves the right to full disclosure and information about the work of scholarship holders. Projects are followed up in part by requesting a report twice per year, according to the agreed Reporting Plan. Halfway through the scholarship year, the scholarship holder is required to submit a PROGRESS REPORT. At the end of each scholarship year, a FINAL REPORT for the scholarship year must be submitted.

This report is to have reached the Foundation not later than the last day of the reporting month according to the Reporting Plan. If a scholarship holder does not comply with his/her reporting requirements to the Foundation, this may impact his/her opportunities for being granted a continuation scholarship in subsequent years.

How the reporting is done

You are to submit your reports via your account in the online application system, using the forms intended for the Progress Report and the Final Report.

About 30 days before the deadline, an automatic reminder email will be sent to you from the system.

To log in and create a report use the button below, or go directly to, to get to the start page of the application system. Log in to your account and follow the link “”Your application for a scholarship has been granted, click here to proceed”.

Open the form for status report or final report. Fill in the form and attach PDF files according to the instructions.

The Progress Report and Final Report forms include fields reserved for a brief, accessible summary of the results achieved, in Swedish and in English. This summary serves as an important mini-report on the project and it should be possible to publish it directly on our website. It must be possible to read this summary in isolation, and consequently no references may be made to the Progress Report or Final Report and its annexes.

Signed comments from your supervisor (maximum of two A4 pages) are to be attached to these report forms.

You can save a report form and continue with it at a later time. However, once the report has been submitted to the Foundation, it cannot be changed.


Licentiate and doctoral dissertations produced in during the scholarship period or later should be sent to the foundation via e-mail address or via a link. If the dissertation is available in framed format, a copy is welcome. It can then be sent to the foundation at the address:

LE Lundberg Scholarship Foundation, c / o Lundbergföretagen, Box 14048, 104 40 Stockholm.

General information

What is a Lundberg Scholarship?

Scholarships from the Lars Erik Lundberg Scholarship Foundation go to postgraduate students, who have no employment or other funding to cover their personal living expenses, in place of a salary. Consequently, scholarships are not granted for undergraduate education, are not granted directly to higher education institutions, or to doctoral students who have their postgraduate studies fully financed through employment or through some other means.

Each scholarship is personal and tax-exempt, but does not provide eligibility for social welfare benefits or national insurance schemes. Since 2018 the regulation states that the university is to sign insurance for students with scholarship funding, through The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

You may apply for a scholarship for a maximum of 12 months, and for scholarships granted in 2024 it is paid monthly, a maximum rate of SEK 28,000 per month for full-time study.

Chances of being granted additional scholarships

Lundberg scholarship holders admitted as doctoral students before July 1st, 2018 have a good chance of being granted an additional scholarship for the following year if they are keeping up with their postgraduate studies and comply with their reporting requirements to the Foundation. A scholarship may be granted for a maximum time limit equivalent to four years of full-time study, up until the award of the doctorate.

A doctoral student who is admitted after June 30th, 2018 is to be employed by the university when no more than three years of full-time remains to doctoral graduation. This means that scholarship only can be received in the equivalent of the first year.

This is regulated in “The Higher Education Ordinance.” (1993:100, Chapter 5, Section 4).

Deferral and adjustment of Payment and Reporting Plans

If for some reason you need to take a break from your doctoral project for a limited period, for example, due to short-term project-based employment, parental leave or illness, it is possible to apply to the Foundation’s administration for a deferral of your scholarship. The administration should be informed as soon as this circumstance is known. However, there is an upper limit for how long a scholarship can be postponed. The scholarship may be postponed to a maximum of twelve months from the time it was granted. Thus, a full-year grant must be fully paid no later than April two years after it was granted.

In case of approved postponement, adjustments are made in the Payment Plan and Reporting Plan as agreed. When the time is approaching to resume your doctoral project, you should contact the administration in good time to ensure that your payments start again at the right time.

Cancellation of scholarship

If a scholarship holder receives an offer of employment from his/her higher education institution, or other funding for his/her living expenses during his/her doctoral studies and thus wishes to cancel the scholarship, the holder must notify the Foundation’s administration of this change in circumstances as soon as possible. The Foundation will then require a Final Report on the status of the project at the time of terminating the scholarship.