Application – Postdoc

Announcement of scholarship 2024

The letter “Invitation to apply for a scholarship” is sent out to Swedish higher education institutions during the announcement of the upcoming scholarship year.

Who can get a scholarship?

The Lars Erik Lundberg Scholarship Foundation grants scholarships to those who wish to do postdoctoral work in subject areas encompassed by the overall concept of the built environment. Scholarships are intended for researchers who have been invited to a research group at a higher education institution, but have not been employed as a postdoctoral fellow or are not receiving any other funding for this.

Thus, scholarships are not offered to higher education institutions, postdocs who are employed or have other funding for their livelihood.

If the postdoc project is planned to be carried out in more than one place, a formal invitation must be available from all places.

The postdoc project must be conducted full-time.

Applicants must be about to receive a doctorate shortly, or have a doctoral degree that is at most five years old. At the beginning of the postdoctoral period, the doctoral degree must be less than six years old.

The doctoral degree must be Swedish.

Refer to THE BOOK ABOUT THE FOUNDATION  (in Swedish only) for more information about the Foundation’s aims and direction.

Scholarship 2024

The scholarship is tax-exempt and goes to the researcher personally to cover basic living expenses and accommodation.

Scholarship duration

Scholarships can be applied for research on a full-time basis, for a period of up to one year. Continuation scholarship for a second year may be considered. A new application then needs to be submitted to the foundation during next year’s application period in January/February. Scholarships are not granted for longer period than a total of two years.

Scholarship size level

The amount for scholarships granted in 2024 is SEK 384,000 for an entire scholarship year of twelve months, corresponding to an amount of SEK 32,000 per month. The amount granted is divided into a maximum of two payments per year, in advance. The first payment is for six months and the second for the remaining part of the scholarship year. The second payment is conditional on a short progress report being submitted to the foundation, with a deadline of four months into the project.

Thus, for a full scholarship year, the payments will be:

  • On the 25th of the 1st month: SEK 192,000
  • On the 25th of the 7th month: SEK 192,000

First scholarship payment and project start

The scholarship for 2024 may begin to be lifted no earlier than May in the year in wich the application was submitted and granted. If project launch is planned or postponed until later than April next year, the scholarship will be canceled and, instead, a new application must be made in the next year’s application round; in January/February of the following year. If the applicant was still a doctoral student at the time of application, documentation of the doctoral degree must be presented before the first scholarship payment.

Online application procedure

The Foundation uses an online application system. Information about the various steps involved in applying for a scholarship from the Lars Erik Lundberg Scholarship Foundation is provided below. It is important that you read these instructions before you create an account, log in and begin an application.

The Foundation receives applications during only one period each year. You can apply for a scholarship via our online application system and the application period begins on Monday 1 JANUARY  2024 at 12:01 a.m. Applications must be received by the Foundation not later than Monday 5 FEBRUARY 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

The application form can be opened and viewed as an exercise application before the start of the application period, but you will not be able to save changes to the form until after the turn of the year.

To access the online application system go directly to or click on the APPLY HERE button above to the right.

For technical support; Contact

Create a user account

Before you can use the application system, you need to create an account with your own personal profile. Your personal profile contains your contact details, such as your name, place of work and e-mail address. In adherence to this, you need to approve a consent agreement for the processing of personal data.

Click on “Log in” and “Create New User,” fill in the form for your personal profile according to the instructions and click on “Register.” An e-mail message will be sent to you with login details, including a temporary password. Follow the instructions to create your account.

To change to your own password, click on your name in the upper right corner, go to “My Profile” and “Password.” Your new password must contain at least eight (8) characters, of which at least six (6) are not the same, and your password must contain at least one upper-case (capital) letter and two digits (0-9).

You can then log in using your e-mail address and your password.

Create application

When logged in to the system, you open the Postdoc Scholarship application form. In adherence to this you need to approve a consent agreement for the processing of personal data in the application form.

Fill in the application form on the screen according to the instructions.

Examples of information to be provided are:

  • Brief facts about the applicant’s doctoral project and current employment.
  • Overall information about the planned postdoc work during the scholarship year; including subject / title, place / places, date, background, purpose and method.
  • Requested scholarship amount.

Attach the required PDF documents:

  • Doctoral certificate – Attach documents proving that a doctoral degree exists or that a dissertation is planned before the postdoc project is intended to start.
  • Invitation from the receiving institution / institutions. – The invitation must include a declaration that basic resources are offered on site for the postdoc. This must be signed by the Head of Department or another director of the institution where the postdoc takes place.
  • Declaration from the person who will host Postdoc to take responsibility for the reception.
  • The applicant’s CV.
  • List of publications.

The foundation assumes that the applicant and the person who writes the invitation and declaration have knowledge of which rules apply to scholarship-financed Postdoc at the department.

If the postdoc plans to stay in more than one place, the necessary documents must be presented from each place.

When applicable, attach the optional PDF documents:

  • If the postdoc completely or partially is to be conducted in a different country than Sweden – Letter of recommendation from a university contact in Sweden, where it is explained in what way this postdoc is advantageously conducted in an other country. For example: What is there to gain? What contacts are there to make? Is there a future in Sweden for those who have had these experiences?
  • An individual study / development plan is attached if one exists.
  • Project appendix – Containing pictures, figures, etc. that may be necessary to understand the project.
  • If the researcher applies for a postdoc scholarship for a second year, a report on the current situation in the ongoing project must be attached.

The application form can be saved and continued with it at a later time. Up until the last day for applications, it can be changed and resubmitted.

Selection process

The Expert Committee considers applications during the spring. You can read more about the assessment process under SELECTION CRITERIA -POSTDOC. Decisions on which applicants will be offered scholarships are made at the Foundation’s Board meeting in April. Applicants are notified via e-mail as soon as possible after this decision.

Applicants offered a scholarship are required to confirm their acceptance of the scholarship. Instructions for this can be found on the page FOR SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS – POSTDOC.