At a meeting in April 2021, The Lars Erik Lundberg Foundation for Research and Education approved research grants of SEK 5 973 466 for the following projects:

  • Professor Andreas Werr, Stockholm School of Economics,  Department of Management and Organization
    “Engaging young professionals – A longitudinal study of how generation Y employees create meaning in their work”.
    A total amount of 3 185 596 SEK was granted, distributed during three years.
  • Doctor  Hans Grönqvist, Uppsala University, Department of Economics
    “The Effect of Economic Crisis on Innovation.
    A total amount of 2 787 870 SEK was granted, distributed during three years.

Continued funding for 2021, for previously approved projects: 

Professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Business Administration, for the project “Dream & Entrepreneurship: The role of the dream in economic action”.
Approved amount: SEK 718 548.

Senior Lecturer David Andersson, Linköping University, Department of Economic and Industrial Development, for the project ”Human capital and Innovation: The importance of technical education for the innovative power of Swedish companies and regions”.
Approved amount: SEK 606 897.

Associate Professor Sotaro Shibyama, Lunds University, School of Economics and Management, for project ” Artificial Intelligence for Technological Breakthrough: How does AI Transform the Operation of R&D Process and the Design of R&D Organisation?”.
Approved amount: SEK 722 125.