Postdoctoral scholarships will be announced in 2021!

At the latest meeting, the board of the foundation decided to broaden the foundation's aim during the next application period, January-February 2021, by also offering scholarship to researchers with a doctor’s degree, for time-limited research project, so-called. postdoc. The research must be held within the field of the Built Environment and support can be paid [...]


Granted Scholarships 2020

At a meeting in April 2020, the Lars Erik Lundberg’s Scholarship Foundation decided to award the Lundberg scholarship for 2020.  The following grants were awarded a total amount of SEK 1 665 000:   Lenastina Andersson, KTH, Historia och teori, Arkitekturskolan, Stockholm. “Staging transformation in achitecture, Conservation and Renewal of 19th Century National Museums”. (Continued [...]

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